Dena Matkin has lived and worked in Alaska since 1974. She has studied the Orcinus orca individuals and their prey for twenty-eight years in the Glacier Bay region of southeastern Alaska. Dena is mother to Eve Kilcher of Discovery Channel's "Alaska: The Last Frontier,"  and grandmother to Findlay and Sparrow Kilcher. Dena's passion for the the outdoors inspires her family and readers alike. 

About Dena 

"I really enjoyed reading Dena’s book. She has a way of writing that makes you feel you are there.. Although I’m not a marine biologist, I enjoyed the information and interesting observations about the killer whales. I read the book twice and intend to pass it on to at least
one grandchild."

          -- Betty Hunter 

"I love the photographs and the text (in "An Orca Story") and the fact that you show/tell things how they are without embellishment or disneyfication."

           -- Volker Deecke, PhD in transient killer whale acoustics

"Some people face life with such joy and passion that they become an inspiration for everyone who enters their lives even for awhile. Dena Matkin is one of those. Travel with her as she finds love, makes a home in the wilderness and plunges into the life of a researcher, often alone in a small boat surrounded by killer whales. Great reading!"


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marine biologist, author, artist, mother, and grandmother 

Dena with grandson Findlay Kilcher

Daughter, Eve Kilcher, at age 10